ONC Certification Support

ONC Certification under ARRA
In 2009 the federal government passed the American
Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA). Part of that
legislation included the HiTECH Act which required CMS
to promote EMR /EHR adoption in hospitals and
physician offices.

CMS in turn created the Office of the National
Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC)
which has promulgated the Meaningful Use (MU) criteria
to be used to determine provider performance under the
HiTECH Act. Today there are over 1,200 certified
software vendors with 3,000 approved ONC products. All
major vendors of full EHRs are certified and are telling
their client base to replace any best of breed non-certified
products with theirs. Clearly a certified product is more
marketable than a non-certified one.

In addition, under new HIPAA rules effective September
2013, all systems that run in a provider setting must be
HIPAA compliant. ONC has created a series of privacy
and security tests to support HIPAA compliance. If you
cannot pass the ONC P&S tests then you are not HIPAA
compliant. When your client runs your non-HIPAA
compliant software they, and you, are in breach of HIPAA
law and you can be fined up to $1.5 million for each

A provider only needs to miss one MU criteria to forfeit all
their MU bonus, and in 2015 they will also be subject to
an MU penalty.

The MU program is now into Stage 2 and vendors must
be certified under the new 2014 Test Criteria, which are
more exacting and difficult than under Stage 1. ONC has
proposed to issue new 2015 test criteria in July 2014
which will be even more extensive and difficult. We have
worked with over thirty clients since the certification
program started in 2009 and have seen the depth and
complexity of the test criteria grow each month. If you are
thinking about getting certified we assure you that doing it
sooner will be better than later.

The TKG Process
Large HIT firms have the resources to commit to
certification, but specialty vendors do not. That is why
TKG created a proprietary certification assessment tool to
quickly review your situation and streamline your journey
through the Stage 2 maze. We will explain the regulations
and the preparation needed to successfully navigate the
process. We will advise you of test pitfalls and how to can
avoid them. The TKG program includes:

1. Reviewing your system products or
      smart medical devices vis-à-vis certification
2. If you have multiple products, show you how to
      avoid multiple certifications
3. Discuss the pros and cons of the various ONC
         Testing Agencies (ATLs).
4. Develop a timetable for your entire process, so
        you know what to expect, and can inform your
      client base when you'll be certified.

As TKG leads you through the Stage 2  certification
process, we will:

  1. Identify potential problem areas and explain how to
    avoid test failures
  2. Show you how to cut hundreds of hours from
    development estimates  and still meet all test
  3. Insure your certification success by preparing your
    staff for the ONC test.  Be aware, the certification
    test is not a demo, if you approach it  as a demo,
    you will be in for a rude awakening.
  4. Help you avoid retest fees.
  5. Advise you on the differences between turnkey and
    SaaS/Cloud deployments under certification.
  6. Review your version /release program and
    recommend revisions in order to minimize or
    eliminate re-certification tests.
  7. Advise you on upcoming 2015 test criteria and
    Stage 3 changes and help you avoid retesting
    under them.
  8. Review your HIPAA compliance status and make

After an initial conference call with you and completion of
our proprietary questionnaire we will develop a detailed
project plan tailored to your specific product.

If you are already Stage 1certified we can help you get
through Stage 2. There are many significant differences
between Stage 1 and 2 and the upcoming 2015 test
criteria we will cover them all.   

The biggest cost of certification is not the fee you will pay
the ATCB, it usually ranges between $10,000 and $30,000.
The real costs are hidden, such as the lost staff time
needed to learn details about the program, moving through
the process, then repeating tasks as you make the usual
mistakes that will delay certification and require retests. If
these same staff members are involved in revenue
generation, such as your product managers, the costs to
you are even greater.

As an example, we routinely see development staff mis-
understand and over estimate the development effort and
time need to respond to key test criteria. In several of our
projects we were able to cut hundreds of hours from their
estimated development budget by showing them how
shareware and other third party products could be used to
quickly meet ONC test criteria.

TKG's experience in assisting dozens of vendors through
the ONC process can help you minimize your costs and
allow you to keep critical staff focused on their primary
objectives of revenue generation, client support and
product development.

Our Experience
The Kelzon Group was founded by Frank L. Poggio who
has over forty years experience in health systems and
health care regulations. Since the inception of MU and
ONC Certification we have successfully guided over thirty
firms through the Stage 1 and Stage 2 certification
process. We have worked with both full EHR vendors and
niche product suppliers such as; portals, ICU, OB, revenue
cycle, lab, LTC, scheduling, anesthesia, rehabilitation and
radiology systems.  We know HIT from the inside out, and
we know how regulators think. Our in depth experience and
literally 'holding your hand' through the entire process
assures you that we will move you through this complex
regulatory process effectively and efficiently.
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