The Kelzon Group
About TKG
Health Care Focus
The Kelzon Group (TKG) is a consulting firm   
specializing in healthcare information systems
issues. TKG draws upon the expertise of
seasoned individuals to complete projects
based on specific client needs. Our clients are
both healthcare providers and system
suppliers to the health industry.

The president of the Kelzon Group has more
than 35 years of hands-on experience in
serving the healthcare industry. Areas of
expertise include strategic planning for
information technology, finance, operations
and clinical systems. The firm brings a diverse
background covering all areas of health
management and technology.

The Kelzon Group has worked with more than
100 health facilities, and many large and small
system vendors during the last decade.

Whether you are a healthcare enterprise or a
systems supplier, TKG can  help you address
your critical IT business issues.