Frank L. Poggio        
The Kelzon Group                        

Frank L. Poggio leads the Kelzon Group.
He has 35 years of hands-on experience in
the healthcare information systems industry. He has lead several
clinical software companies during the last several years and oversaw
their acquisition by firms such as QuadraMed and Cerner. He has
actively participated in the design and product strategies for many
clinical systems as pharmacy, nursing, laboratory, blood banking and
care documentation.

His consulting services have been used by large and small health
providers, EHR and best of breed vendors, and investment firms.
In 1980, he founded a successful multi-million dollar healthcare
software firm, Health Micro Data Systems (HMDS). HMDS was a
leader in applying client-server based systems from 1980 to 1992. It's
PC based client server installations were in more than 120 healthcare
facilities across the country.

He also served for five years as CIO/CFO of a major university
hospital where he purchased, built and installed systems. Earlier in his
career he was  a consultant for one of the big six consulting firms
specializing healthcare information systems.

Mr. Poggio has been involved with all types of applications from
clinical through administrative; ambulatory care to long-term care, and
mainframe, client/server and Web based systems.

He has published numerous articles in healthcare technology trade
journals and is a frequent speaker at local and national HIMSS  and
HFMA meetings.