Publications and White Papers
TKG has had more than fifty presentations, papers and articles published in
health care blogs and leading trade journals. Selected papers addressing
Meaningful Use, Certification, ARRA and HIPAA are listed below.  For more
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Publications, Blogs, and White Papers:
Topics - ARRA, MU, Certification and HIPAA
Stage 2 and You - The Vendor View
How proposed Stage 2 of ONC certification changes will impact niche system

To Be or Not To Be Certified ?
If you are a best of breed vendor, niche player, smart medical device supplier,
should you get ONC certified?

Will ONCHIT Chase the clouds Away?
Re-certification will crimp the benefits of Cloud or SaaS delivery systems.

The FDA Comes to HIT
New ONCHIT rules open the door to FDA like whistle blowers and could cause
big problems for HIT companies.

The impending impact of ACO legislation on MU, EMRs and the CIO

Bye Bye Privacy and Security, Hello HIPAA Hello!
ONC is proposing for Stage 2 to eliminate the criteria for Privacy and Security.
Sounds too good to be true? You bet it is.
Is ARRA a 'Meaningful Ruse'?
Is the Federal Government's HITECH Act a wolf in sheep's clothing? Here's four
good reasons why it is, and what a good Shepard should do.

Best HITECH Strategy - Rush In or Watch & Wait?

Can $20 Billion in ARRA bonuses solve this problem?
The discharge nightmare

What's the Diff?
Information Processing and Work flow  Processing, both are needed to meet
meaningful use requirements.

Be Careful What You Wish for...
ARRA is it a vendor's dream, or a nightmare?
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