TKG Publications and White
Below are TKG publications and white papers that cover general HIT
management, EMRs, the HIT market, and related topics. Thanks for
Publications, Blogs, and White Papers.
Topics: General HIT Issues, EMRs & Workflow
CPOE and the Doc Dilemma
Why is physician usage of CPOE so low? How come the VA and other facilities
have almost 100% compliance? What can be done about it?

Can $20 Billion Solve this problem?
The discharge nightmare

What's the Diff?
Information Processing and Work flow  Processing, both are needed to meet
meaningful use requirements.
Ten Commandments of HIT
What CIO Moses learned on the mount

EMR - A Workflow Nightmare

Would You Go To This Restaurant?
Inpatient Operational Improvement Program (IPOP). Streamlining the hand-offs
of patient care delivery can significantly improve patient satisfaction and reduce
Seven Deadly Sins of EMR Success
What can cause successful EMR Companies to implode
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