Professional Services
for Healthcare Providers

TKG can help assist your health facility in  
addressing critical IT issues, such as:

- ONC Certification for Inhouse Systems
- Strategic Planning
- New Technology Issues
- Healthcare Enterprise Issues
- Operational Issues
- Patient Flow Issues
IT Strategic Planning

Many of today's healthcare organizations face
difficult challenges such as:

  • needing assistance in defining an Enterprise
    Architecture for your unique mix of applications
  • will current systems meet the needs of your new health
    enterprise, or the new ARRA requirements?
  • will your plan address the needs of new ACO
  • what level of investment is required to create/acquire the
    systems you need to support your community care model
    what is the status of the your EMR or CPOE?

Meaningful Use and ONC Certification
To meet ONC Meaningful Use requirements you must install   
ONC Certified systems. Vendor systems need to be certified
as well as your internally developed systems. Any system that
handles PHI or clinical data must be certified as a EHR
Module in order to maintain privacy and security as defined by
ONC. Operating internal systems that are not certified can
contaminate certified data and negate your entire MU
attestation. We will assess your current systems and advice
you of any MU liabilities, then guide you through the
certification process if needed.

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Healthcare Enterprise IT Issues

Many organizations are rapidly expanding their
range of patient care. Are you faced with:

  • New ACO regulations will require more enterprise
    oriented systems but each level of care: acute,
    ambulatory, LTC and home health has its own unique
    needs. Is it realistic to try to combine all these? Is there
    one system that can address all, or how can we meld
    them together in a cohesive system?
  • How can I address the critical need to accurately identify
    the same person across all care providers in your
    community-based care system? How can I eliminate the
    repeated registration/re-registration process required
    each time the same person comes to a different locale in
    my health care system?
  • Will my current information systems be able to support
    Medicare's push for P4P, Value based purchasing and
    Quality Indicators?

If you are faced with any of these issues, TKG can help.

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