Services for System Suppliers
Health Care Focus
Professional Services for
Health Industry Systems Suppliers

TKG has worked with many large and small system
suppliers that serve the healthcare market place.
Both HIS and best of breed vendors, for both clinical
and administrative systems. We have assisted in:

- ONCHIT Certification Assistance
- Strategic Planning Assistance
- Product Planning and Positioning
- ARRA and Meaningful Use Assessments
- Competitive Analysis
- Client Retention Programs
- Revenue, Growth and Operating Issues
- Marketing and selling strategies unique
to the health care marketplace.

Strategic Planning and Product Positioning

Today, many specialized health information
systems development companies face critical
questions and issues such as:

With the constant changes in the healthcare marketplace, do
you know where your firm's best fit is?  How can you position
your product to take maximum advantage of upcoming
industry changes such as: ARRA, Medicare outcomes
management, quality indicators, ACO and pay-for-
performance? These changes will transform healthcare much
like DRGs did in 1983. Will your product, sales team and
marketing message be ready?

The Kelzon Group can help you address the above by:

  • helping you develop an enterprise architecture for your
  • identifying more focused target market segments for
    your products
  • assessing your products' position in the market
  • identifying the best growth opportunities and
    competitive strategies
  • completing competitive analyses
  • identifying and assisting with strategic third party
    reseller arrangements
  • developing sound multi-year plans to assist in securing
    capital financing
  • assessing management and personnel requirements
    needed to execute the plan
  • assisting in partnerships, mergers and acquisitions        

ARRA and Meaningful Use - Independent
Do you need an independent assessment of where your
products and plans stand relative to ARRA requirements
and Meaningful Use criteria?
We will conduct a complete independent review of your
current IT offerings and plans to meet the evolving federal
standards using our proprietary assessment tools.  
We will identify where adjustments in plans and
applications are needed to avoid sales losses and client
Help you determine how to position your products to
maximize sales under ARRA.

ONCHIT Certification Assistance
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Revenue Growth and Operating Issues
Are you struggling with missed revenue targets? Are
you frequently losing prospective sales to 'no
decision'? Are you unsure of what is really in the
pipeline? Are you having difficulty bringing together
the sales and marketing processes?

We can help you:
  • implement a proven sales process specifically aimed
    at the challenges of a long-term sales cycle for the
    high cost, non-tangible products you market
  • beat the big firms selling 'solutions' not products
  • identify how best to position your products against the
  • minimize cost of sales, shorten the sales cycle, and
    eliminate dead-end accounts early
  • do fewer demos and answer fewer RFPs while
    improving your close rate
  • implement a marketing program directly tied to the
    sales process
  • train sales staff to sell solutions not products
  • establish a reliable revenue forecast tool that you can

Client Retention Programs:

If you are a Best of Breed vendor the words you do not want
to hear are from your support staff are: ‘Our client will be
leaving us to install a new total EMR/HIS system. The CIO
says that his new single vendor solution will eliminate all the
costly interfaces, and even though ancillary department staff
believe our product is far more functional, the CIO's objective
is better integration.” This is what we call the ‘less work for
CIO’ soluton.  

What can you do to avoid these situations? Believe it or not,
you can fight these battles and WIN! How? By instituting a
Client Retention Program as early as possible, like right
after you complete your install and the client goes live.

TKG has created a unique CRP system that goes way
beyond the classic user newsletters, blogs and client
meetings. We include far more powerful and proactive
elements to train and prepare your account execs and user
department clients to successfully fight off the CIO’s ‘less
work’ attacks.

The TKG CRP starts by conducting an assessment of your
current client support and marketing elements and scoring
them to show you your strengths and weaknesses. We will
tell you what the probability is you will be able to fight of a
‘less work’ attack. We will show you what you need to do to
increase your chances of keeping existing accounts. Our
CRP approach sets up a coordinated effort between your
staff and the client department staff. We show you how to
work as a team to win and ‘beat city hall’. It works whether
you sell clinical or administrative software.

With today’s push for EMRs, and CPOEs and certified
systems many best of breed vendors are getting thrown to
the way side, crushed in the stampede to meet they new MU
criteria. You can avoid this if you have a proactive CRP in
place.  You know that keeping a client is far more profitable
than chasing after new ones. We show you how by laying out
the specifics and helping you implement a strong line of

If you want to keep your current clients call or email TKG